Dr. Sandeep Singh
Planetary Data Scientist, Bear Fight Institute


Dr. Singh's affiliations include:

  • The Bear Fight Institute: Planetary Scientist
  • University of Arkansas: Research Assistant, Center for Space and Planetary Sciences
  • USGS in Flagstaff: Junior Scientist, hydrothermal modeling of activities on Mars
  • Lowell Observatory: Public Educator
  • Northern Arizona University: Computer Programmer

Research Activities

  • Adjunct or Associate member
    • Rosetta Mission (JPL): Analysis of observations of comet and determine components on the nucleus
    • Cassini VIMS (Visual Infrared Mapping Spectrometer, JPL): Data analysis of surface components, spatial modeling and calibration of data
    • NASA DAWN mission: Data Analysis of data from Ceres for the search of volatile new species by comparing results from laboratory experiments
  • Spatial and image analysis of space borne, laboratory and ground base data sets
  • Developing mathematical models and analytical techniques for hypothesis testing
  • Data mining from spacecraft’s


Recent  Authored Articles in Reviewed Professional Journals

Singh, S. et al. Near-infrared spectra of liquid/solid acetylene under Titan relevant conditions and implications for Cassini/VIMS detections. Icarus (2015). doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2015.11.002

Luspay-Kuti, V. F. Chevrier, F. C. Wasiak, L. A. Roe, W. D. D. P. Welivitiya, T. Cornet, S. Singh, and E. G. Rivera-Valentin (2012), Experimental simulations of CH4 evaporation on Titan, Geophys. Res. Lett., 39, L23203, doi:10.1029/2012GL054003.

Luspay-Kuti, V.F. Chevrier, D. Cordier, E.G. Rivera-Valentin, S. Singh, A. Wagner, F.C. Wasiak, Experimental constraints on the composition and dynamics of Titan's polar lakes, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 410, 15 January 2015, Pages 75-83, ISSN 0012-821X. 

S. Singh, M. Gainor, V. F. Chevrier, M. Leitner, A. Wagner, (2016) Methane and Ethane Ice’s: Application to Titan and KBO’s,  PSS (under revision).

S. Singh, T.B. McMcord, J.P. Combe, S. Rodriguez, T. Cornet, V. F. Chevrier, L. Maltagliati, (2015), The Identification of Acetylene on Titan’s Surface, Nature Geoscience (under revision).

S. Singh, J. P. Combe, V.F. Chevrier, Z. McMohan, (2016) Solubility of Acetylene and Ethylene in Liquid Methane and Ethane, Geochemica & Cosmochemica Acta (under revision).