Katy Johnson
Junior Scientist, Bear Fight Institute


Ms. Johnson's affiliations include:

  • The Bear Fight Institute: Junior Scientist
  • Lunar And Planetary Institute
  • Rice University

Research Activities

  • Assisted with research of craters in Mare Frigoris
  • Researched self-secondary cratering processes on recent impacts on the moon
  • Researched the prevalence of secondary cratering and modelling the extent on Ganymede
  • Assisted with research of secondary cratering on Tethys and Ceres
  • Assisted with research of primary crater morphology on Dione
  • Assisted with the cataloging of rayed craters on Mercury and Ganymede
  • Researching the aging of rayed craters on Ganymede
  • Analyzed data from NASA’s MMM (Moon Mineralogy Mapper) instrument
  • Worked on looking for time dependence variations in the depth of the 2.8- and 3-micron wavelength H2O/OH absorption bands using spectrographic data taken from the moon
  • Worked with data from NASA’s LOLA (Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter) and MMM (Moon Mineralogy Mapepr) instruments



  • The Basalts of Mare Frigoris. G.Y. Kramer, B. Jaiswal, B.R. Hawke, T. Öhman, T.A. Giguere, K. Johnson Journal of Geophysical Research – Planets Cover


  • Dawn at Ceres and Vesta: Crater Morphologies and Processes in Ice and Rock on Low-Gravity Worlds. P. Schenk, T. Hoogenboom, K. Johnson, et al
  • The Contribution of Secondary Craters on the Icy Satellites. K. Johnson, T. Hoogenboom, P. Schenk
  • Contribution of Secondary Craters on the Icy Satellites: Results from Ganymede and Rhea. T. Hoogenboom, K. Johnson, P. Schenk
  • The Prevalence of Secondary Cratering Through Analysis of Recent Impacts on the Moon. K. Johnson, G.Y. Kramer