Tom_award_sidebar.jpgDr. Thomas McCord
Director, Planetary Scientist

BFI at LPSC 2017.jpg   Dr. Jean-Philippe Combe
   Planetary Scientist
   Remote Sensing
   jean-philippe_combe at

   Kate Johnson
   Junior Scientist 
   kjohnson at

   Dr. Sandeep Singh
   Planetary Scientist
   ssingh at


Dennis Matson.jpg

Dr. Dennis Matson
Planetary Scientist
dlmatson at



Dr. Paul Hayne
Planetary Scientist
Geophysics & Planetary Geosciences at JPL
Paul.O.Hayne at


Dr. Glenn Veeder
Senior Scientist
gveeder at



Dr. Bernard Nordmann
Data Analyst and Systems Engineer
bjnordmann at

arg for Bear Fight Inst.jpg

Dr. Alan Gillespie
Geology and Remote Sensing
University of Washington
agillespie at

Joanna Bastian-200.jpg

Joanna Bastian
Administrative Officer
jbastian at


T&C Grand Canyon 200.jpg

Carol McCord
Campus Manager, Education Liason
cmccord at


Puppy Intern

Summer 2017 Interns.jpg

Summer 2017 Interns
Katie Taylor & Garett Palm

Rocky office.jpg

Rodent Eradication Specialist