2011 Workshop

Evolution of small icy-silicate bodies 2011

Aug 2011 BFI WS 1c.jpg

Another in the series of workshops on the general topic of the origin and evolution of ice-silicate bodies was held August 15-17, 2011 at the Bear Fight Institute. The specific topic was: The Themis Asteroid Family: Are they part of a disrupted Ceres-like object?

The workshop reviewed the available observational information on this family and what thermodynamic models tell us about their behavior and how water and silicates in mixes behaves in this environment. An exciting discussion on what the Dawn mission is finding was led by the Dawn deputy PI, Dr. Carol Raymond, of the JPL, which led to a discussion of what questions a spacecraft mission to the Themis family might address.

Attendees included experts on many of the major topics of discussion, including: J. Emery, J. C.Castillo, A. Rivkin, T. V. Johnson, D. L. Matson, C. Raymond, A. Davies, P. Hayne, B. Schmidt, in addition to BFI scientests Paul Hayne, T. B. McCord and J-Ph. Combe.


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