2010 Workshop

Evolution of small ice-silicate bodies in the Solar System 2010

The 3rd annual "Evolution of small silicate-ice bodies in the Solar System" workshop was held at the Bear Fight Institute August 6-8, 2010. The general topic was the evolution of small ice-silicate bodies. This workshop was focused on Ceres and developing a surface composition model to aid the Dawn mission in planning observation.

Such a model was developed, under the leadership of Tom Prettyman, with 14 attendees involved. Short presentations were made and long discussions were held on several related topics, including the original materials forming Ceres, where Ceres formed in the Solar System, how and when differentiation occurred, and what materials might have reached the surfaces.

This is one of the Bear Fight Institute’s small, informal, invitation-only workshops that encourage discussion among "experts" in a special, timely research topic.


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