2009 Workshop

Evolution of small icy-silicate bodies 2009

A workshop was held at the Bear Fight Institute 1-3 September 2009: "Evolution of small silicate-ice bodies in the Solar System." Protoplanet Ceres was the major topic. Explaining the formation, thermal evolution and present state of such objects involves very interesting chemistry and physics. There is also interest in planning space missions to these objects. Other similar objects in the solar system were discussed as well. This study is timely because of the recent modeling and observational work suggesting that Ceres is differentiated and may currently contain liquid water.

In addition, the Dawn spacecraft is in flight heading for first Vesta and then Ceres to orbit them and observe their various characteristics. Preparation is needed to interpret the returned measurements. The Bear Fight Institute is a member of the Dawn science team.

Scientists Attending:
From the Jet Propulsion Laboratory- Drs. Julie Castillo, Torrence Johnson, and Dennis Matson. Dr. Andy Rivkin from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Drs. Britney Schmidt and Bill Moore from UCLA. Dr. Misha Zolotov from Arizona State U. From the Bear Fight Institute- Drs. Georgiana Kramer, Jean-Philippe Combe, Tom McCord, as well as Paul Hayne, who divides his time between UCLA and BFI.


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