2009 Events

Dr. W. Farrand and Paul Hayne (UCLA) will be visiting the Bear Fight Institute 29-31 July 2009 to collaborate with Drs. McCord and Combe on NASA Mars Express Color Analysis of the MER Sites (part of MDAP).

17-19 June 2009, Dr. Jean-Philippe Combe of the Bear Fight Institute hosted a workshop on VIRTIS data analysis. Visiting scientists Drs. U. Fink and R. Carlson collaborated with the institute’s science team.

The Bear Fight Institute congratulates former student intern Garrett Heitman on his high school graduation in June 2009! We wish Garrett the best of luck working in Alaska this summer and his future plans to attend Montana State University to study engineering.

27-28 May 2009, Dr. Georgiana Kramer of the Bear Fight Institute hosted two students from the Pateros High School. Dr. Kramer discussed careers in space science research with the students and gave them hands-on training in data analysis techniques.

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