The Bear Fight Facility

The Bear Fight Institute is located in an accessible yet remote wilderness that is conducive to quiet study and basic research, collegial workshops and a free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Our facility is located on a working estate at the edge of the Pasayten Wilderness Area in the North Cascade mountains of Washington State. Where sagebrush steppe yields to Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir, a small group of resident scientists, technical staff and support personnel work at the forefront of research in the physical sciences. We are often joined by visiting scientists from around the world.

The research focus at BFI concerns the formation, evolution and present state of our Solar System, its place in the Universe, and the Earth’s place in it. Specialties are the composition and chemistry of solid surfaces and modeling the thermodynamic evolution of the interiors of the objects. A major approach at BFI is participation in the planning and execution of international robotic spacecraft missions throughout the Solar System. Our emphasis is on taking measurements and acquiring new data to be analyzed at BFI and in cooperation with U.S. and international research colleagues.

The BFI is a virtual node in the world of research through modern communication capabilities, including high-speed Internet connectivity and teleconferencing. Modern computer and data storage facilities are connected through local wireless and Ethernet networks. High-end commercial as well as internally-developed software supports spatial and spectral data processing, further enhanced through CPU-sharing software and support. Business management, administrative support, and infrastructure are in place.

The BFI facility is housed in a 3000 sq ft converted farmhouse, with out-buildings that can support laboratories. Wild animals and a variety of native vegetation provide year-round entertainment and restful learning experiences. Small conferences, seminars, and workshops for up to 25 people can be supported. Topics are associated with the ongoing research.

The surrounding communities in the Methow Valley provide hotels, restaurants, shopping, music and theater. The Methow Valley is famous for outdoor recreation activities, including, hiking, climbing, horse back riding, skiing, boating, wildlife observing, fishing, and hunting. The scenery and the associated geology and its history are spectacular, for both the local area and the general Inland Northwest region.


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